There’s a chance you might be in the wrong business, Rogers.

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Dean + saying “shut up”
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Drowners @ The Surf Lodge // 7-19-14


Drowners @ The Surf Lodge // 7-19-14

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Going to school with a dress code

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and to the fella over there with the hella good hair


won’t you come on over baby, we can shake, shake, shake


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Get to know me meme: [three/five] favorite actresses ■ Saoirse Ronan

Women have an inner wisdom and an inner life that is different from men. Female power is an inner power. Men have an outer power and it’s probably wrong that a lot of the men we see depicted in film are all muscular and stronger than average. It would be nice to see them in a different way. But women have this wisdom that they seem to acquire in their 30s. Women in their 20s are still excited at the prospect of becoming a woman, but in your 30s, you’re already comfortable with it all. People change at different points in their life. In order to become a woman it’s not just about having sex. I think you have to get through a lot of heartbreaks and other life things before you get to that stage.

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Your hands can heal,
your hands can bruise.
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